poniedziałek, 25 lipca 2016


These days everyone must be looking in their dressing to find the perfect outfit for this warm weather. I'll tell you: go for the overall! It's a must have. They're so comfy and easy to match. I chose the overall from my last project which is made from a really light fabric. The inspiration was the 50's. It's the perfect piece for these hot summer days. I decided to combine it in a very romantic way: with a flowery tie from a Polish brand called Ebodesign to add some colors and match this year's trends. But I didn't tied it in a classic way, I made a fantastic bow which gives that 70's vibe so present on this year's catwalks. What do you think of this look ? A special thank you to Domenico Donadio for the amazing postproduction and to my friend Jacek Juraz for taking the pictures.

Jumpsuit designed by myself / SUNGLASSES Lamu Vintage/  Sandals COS / Tie Ebodesign

Photography: Jacek Juras

image processing : Domenico Donadio


piątek, 1 lipca 2016


Hello my Friends ans welcome at my new summer post, To my new look I have chosen splendid bomber jacket with epaulets, made of very light and airy fabric, ideal for upcoming heat. I have bought that in ZARA at women’s section. Most of You can say how? Why? I can ensure You that this women bomber has no diffrence than men bomber. It has the same cutting and clasp, it’s more like unisex size sou u can easily buy something similar while reviewing this year trend. I have seen also similar bomber in men collection of Louis Vuitton, they have very close print and colours. Similar prints you can find also at Gucci collection which is on the top this season, inspired 70-ties. I feel unique sentiment to his collection because these are my favourite years in fashion. So Boys easy u can buy similar bomber don’t worry. To my look I have added shorts of my project with baroque print in similar color tone. Everything together looks very beautiful what do You think? For the photos I want to thank Domenico Donadio. He is a gifted, well-talented photographer. I had that pleasure to work with him at the same day. We have been preparing photo session to magazine with model Daniele Nigido. I was taking care about stylization, make-up and hair styling. There appeared also clothes of my project. At the end of the post u will be able to see some photos from backstage from that session which photos will be soon in fashion magazine. By observing my blog u will see publication shortly.


Bomber Zara   / Shorts Designed by Myself   / Shoes Zara /  Sunglasses  Vintage /

Photography: Domenico Donadio

                                                                 Shooting Backstage :

Stylist , Make-up Artist , Fashion Designer : Łukasz Omiotek ( MENFASHIONMADNESS )
Model : Daniele Nigido
Photographer: Domenico Donadio

                                        My website : lukaszomiotek.wix.com