piątek, 29 kwietnia 2016


Hello Friends,

I would like to present You the publication of my new work at Magazine Elegant where I made a stylization of models and make-up of male model. Make-up for female model made a wonderful Laura Baldassara which whom I had pleasure to work before.She is a well-talented, kind and fantastic person.At the photos from the magazine you can see my projects of clothes which wears a male model Nico and spectacular creations of italian fashion designer Michel Simoncelli which wears female model Beatrice ( I can tell you that soon you will be able to see his next projects in the next photo session where I have also worked).

I would like to thank for splendid cooperation all crew that had worked with me and had to withstand my whining:

Make-up Artist: Laura Baldassara
Photographer: Manuel Tarquini
Male Model: Nico Falso
Female Model: Beatrice Simion
Fashion Designer: Michel Simoncelli

You were all great :)

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sobota, 16 kwietnia 2016


Hello Friends,

Recently I have prepared a new post for You which You can see now below.
Surely u still remember Martina my dearest friend and fashion designer with whom I sometimes work. This time we have made our mutual post where I was make-up artist and stylist of Martina creation so as to it was similar to mine. Photo session has a street-style climate. To our styling I have chosen classic forms. The idea was that we were similar in out looks and I think we hve made that. For me I have chosen white, classic shirt with ruffle from Christian Dior and black, wool trousers to knees from COS and also long, white socks to knees combining those with closed, black sandals adding as the coat- dark jacket with golden brads. The altogether links into consistent harmony. And what dou You think?

For Martina I have chosen wonderful corsent brand Yamamay which u can perfectly join with other parts of clothes. When we have seen that we decided that it’s must have. Corset is perfect for Martina’s remarkable personality, beauty and style. That type of cloth can highlight every silhouette. At photo session we have connected  corset with wider cut trousers, adding shoes in men style and to add some colour and break all that darkness we have added funny sock with sweet emblems. Also I have added white, looser cut jacket and huge, beautiful hat which have added chic and ellegance.

For the photo session we thanks to our remarkable photographer: Denise Rosato 


/Shirts Christian Dior / Shorts COS / Sandals COS / Jacket  Zara by My / Socks Calzedonia / Bag H&M / Sunglasses  #Lamu'sunglasses#/ www.lamuvintage.it  /

Martina LOOK 
Jacket Zara / Trousers  Zara / Socks Calzedonia / shoes Zara / Hat H&M / Corset Yamamay / Bag Primark / 

Make-up Artist and Stylist Łukasz Omiotek Menfashionmadness

Photography : Mirtilla Malcontenta DeniseRosatoPhotography

     My website : lukaszomiotek.wix.com