wtorek, 15 marca 2016


Hello Friends,

Finally it’s going to be warmer and we are starting drop our winter cozy coats.
It’s time to pull out from our wardrobe spring stylization. That’s the moment to get lost with our fantasies and refresh our look after groomy and dreadful days! For the fist spring post I have chosen jacket of my own project which I have made 3 months ago. Jacket is made of black velvet fabric which has been also used in Valentino collection. That fabric was a huge top on this year catwalks. Velvet and velourd we could see at Balmain and Valentino catwalks. I decided to use 2 fabrics: black, soft, beautiful velvet and additional golden material that has given character to the jacket, and permitted to stiff that cloth. To the look I have chosen shorts made of wool and cashmire <brand COS> and long, warm socks. In order to enter a bit of London character to that look I added bizarre and curious cap with tassel which perfectly breaks style and fits into the view on the photos.

And what dou You think about my new look?

I would like to thank my dressmaker – Ewa Niebrzegowska which I have been working since several years. She is a wonderful woman and she is helping me improving my projects.
And also to my photographer – Manuel Tarquini for outstanding post production.

Soon You will be able to see one of our newest work which we have created together.

 /Jacket Designed by Myself ( Łukasz Omiotek ) / Shorts COS / Sandals COS / Hat PD / Bag H&M / Shirts Zara

 Photography : Jacek Juras 
image processing : Manuel Tarquini

                                          My website : lukaszomiotek.wix.com