piątek, 29 kwietnia 2016


Hello Friends,

I would like to present You the publication of my new work at Magazine Elegant where I made a stylization of models and make-up of male model. Make-up for female model made a wonderful Laura Baldassara which whom I had pleasure to work before.She is a well-talented, kind and fantastic person.At the photos from the magazine you can see my projects of clothes which wears a male model Nico and spectacular creations of italian fashion designer Michel Simoncelli which wears female model Beatrice ( I can tell you that soon you will be able to see his next projects in the next photo session where I have also worked).

I would like to thank for splendid cooperation all crew that had worked with me and had to withstand my whining:

Make-up Artist: Laura Baldassara
Photographer: Manuel Tarquini
Male Model: Nico Falso
Female Model: Beatrice Simion
Fashion Designer: Michel Simoncelli

You were all great :)

     My website : lukaszomiotek.wix.com

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