czwartek, 28 stycznia 2016

( WORK ) Women Are Crying Gold Tears

Hello my dear Friends,

I would like to present You my new photo session in which I have been working through holidays.
Recently it was published in the HUF Magazine.
For implementation I want to thank that wonderful crew with which I had the pleasure to work, the photographer Veronica Duszynski where I invite You to see her blog on youtube
( where You can also see the video from backstage of that photo session. Federico Falconi have made that splendid video.
Martina Satin Raso ( .
Imposing, well-talented, glamorous designer. Her outfits of beautiful skirts You can admire in photos below. In private life she is my best friend. We can talk all day and all night, laughing and making jokes, it’s really hard to disconnect us. We use to work together, and we have made stylization to that session.

And finally I want sincerely thank to model Gloria Kastuum whom I made a make-up to that photo session. The inspiration to the first stylization was a woman crying with a golden tears.


Hair, makeup and styling: Lukasz Omiotek blogger stylist makeup artist designer
Stylist: Martina Satin Raso and Lukasz Omiotek
Fashion designer: Martina Satin Raso
Photographer: Veronica Duszynski
Video : Federico Falcioni
 Model: Gloria Kastrùùm , Martina Raso
Publication HUF Magazine…/

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