wtorek, 7 października 2014



I’ve started cooperation with Bonobos.com , the company specializes in men’s clothing which I want recommend to you.
I am pleased to present you their new 2014 autumn lookbook on my blog.
The collection is addressed to every man who likes always look good and primarily focuses on the quality of the clothes in your wardrobe. Exactly that Bonobos.com is able to guarantee, which focuses on the quality of their suits and all other products.

In this offer you can find all you need - business elegance alike casual every day style.

New collection consists of the finest sewn wool suits in classic colors made of high quality fabric, what is the company signature. Suits are very warm perfect for the upcoming autumn weather. Available in different types, both standard and slim fit. Bonobos.com not only deals with the suits, but also blazers, cardigans and chinos trousers.
I think you should visit www.bonobos.com, for sure you will find interesting ideas for autumn stylization.


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